Our Story

The Powervibe journey stems from passion. A love for fitness and friendship, combined with extensive industry expertise and a desire to help people achieve their potential , drove co-founders Abbi and Ronnie to create Powervibe. Having spent over a decade together building their beloved business, Abbi and Ronnie have a friendship that transcends work and creates the foundations of Powervibe’s family  and  community feeling. Working with the  girls, the exceptional Powervibe team, is  comprised of highly experienced, inspirational and motivated trainers, who -are the beating heart of Powervibe’s highly personal and effective fitness experience.

Continuing on the Powervibe journey during a global health and wellbeing crisis, alongside the economic uncertainty for all, presents a challenge we are totally prepared for.  We have developed an exciting online presence and are in the process of expanding that without losing our special touch. We’ll evolve online with a varied and personal approach as usual.. The services  and classes offered, even when online are not ‘one size fits all’, but are adapted to individual overall welfare, taking care of clients on all levels and connecting with both physical health and emotional wellbeing.  Well-known for helping clients with challenges including weight loss, menopause, pre and post-natal and rehabilitation, you don’t just come for a quick fix, but for the longevity and  strength of our community– if we don’t have the answer, we know someone who does. Powervibe has looked after so many clients across the years that our wisdom is based on vast experience and knowledge of every variable and now we can expand online to discover more.

At Powervibe, not only will you achieve results efficiently and effectively, but you will be inescapably absorbed into the atmosphere of fun and friendship which will still prevail during these times of social distancing and sessions on screen. Upon walking through the ZOOM doors, you will be greeted by a friendly face, trained by someone who really knows you or will get to know you if new, and be surrounded by people who will become your friends and peers on your own individual fitness adventure.

We would love to share the rest of our journey with you so contact us now and become a part of our amazing online Powervibe family in lockdown and beyond.

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