Group Classes


With the music pumping, energy flowing and class teachers striving to put you through your paces, our group classes create a fun, engaging and inclusive environment.

We combine personal attention to individuals’ technique and positioning with the group dynamic motivation, giving you the best of both the energy of many and focus on the individual.

Our master trainers will teach you each and every exercise with precision, checking your posture and execution, and taking a unique interest in you and your goals, differentiating the Powervibe experience to one unrivalled by the rest of the industry. Our small group classes allow you to reach your personal full fitness and performance potential, as well as build strong relationships with your trainer, your workout buddies and your confidence in your own fitness.


Start your day the right way with our total body bootcamp class! For anyone and everyone, this 30-minute class combines the popular fat burning HIIT with bodyweight strength training to tone, shape and build lean muscles and increase your metabolism. The classes cover a diverse range of exercises targeting legs, core, arms and glutes, so no two workouts are the same. If you don’t like to mess around when it comes to getting fit, then this is the class for you!

Body Blitz

This high energy, dynamic and varied 30-minute class is designed to challenge your whole body! From cardiovascular based exercises to strength training, this workout will increase your stamina, burn fat and tone your muscles. Catering for all levels of fitness, with trainers providing alternative exercises where necessary, our morning Body Blitz is definitely one to incorporate into your overall workout schedule!

Strength Training

This challenging and extensive 30-minute class focuses on body weight resistance training. You will work on building your strength through correct form and progressive overload, repeating exercises for the maximum effect. Suitable for every level of fitness, with alternatives for beginners where necessary, this morning strength blast will help you to look and feel stronger than ever!

Cardio & Core

This 30-minute cardio and core session gives your body everything that it needs! Suitable for all fitness levels, this class focuses on functional core strength training at a high cardio level to give you the maximum benefit. You will achieve faster fitness results in the beauty of your own home!


The perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates, combining the strength of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga; energise your mind and body while improving your balance and posture to give you the best of both.

Box & Core

Box and Core is an uplifting and energising 45-minute boxing-based HIIT workout. Combining traditional boxing movements with targeted core exercises and cardio drills, this fast-paced class will burn fat, improve fitness and endurance and build leaner muscles.

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