Group Classes


With the music pumping, energy flowing, and class teachers striving to put you through your paces, our group classes create a fun and engaging environment.

Whether you’re in our smaller class of 3, or larger class of 12, we combine personal attention with the group dynamic, giving you the best of both the energy of many and the focus on the individual.

Fusion Classes

Blast + Ride

This energetic cardio vascular and strength workout will see you transition from the bike to the floor. Using a variety of equipment and your own body weight, this double whammy workout is one of the most effective ways to make noticeable changes to your body’s appearance and performance!

Box + Ride

This class fuses together high energy spinning intervals with the explosive intensity of boxing. When your legs are suitably spent, jab, hook and punch your way to a satisfying state of sweatiness. Whilst you are pushing the pedals indoors, expect your muscles and heart to be pushed to the limit and a ton of calories to be burnt!

TRX + Ride

A fusion fix of spin and TRX will see you riding your way through thigh burning hills and lung bursting sprints. Sculpt and reshape your body using the TRX suspension kit to fire up every muscle in your body and leave you with a mega calorific afterburn.

Small Group Classes


The Pilates method is the fastest growing form of exercise in the world. Our classes aim to improve your flexibility, core stability and strength, leading to a longer, leaner you.

Power Blast

Whip yourself into shape with our fully body, high intensity and strength combo class. Use weights, kettlebells and your own body weight to get your sweat on and tone up!


The perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates, combining the strength of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga; energise your mind and body while improving your balance and posture to give you the best of both.

Power Ride

This uplifting cardio spin class will push you to new limits, focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity bursts. With new, cutting edge spin bikes and motivational music, be prepared to sweat away all those calories!

Power Plate

If you are limited for time but don’t want limited results, then this Power Plate class is for you. Our energetic, full body workout can achieve the same results in half an hour as a full hour in the gym, meaning it’s a great way to tone up quickly.

Power Box

Boxing is quickly becoming the number one way to workout. This fast paced, popular class incorporates jabs, hooks and other boxing combinations to improve strength and stamina. If you want to create a strong, toned body, then get your gloves on and start punching!

Power TRX

A full body weight suspension workout that will improve strength, endurance, flexibility and core stability. This invigorating, energetic and effective workout will help you improve your performance and achieve a full body transformation.

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